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Getting Started

This documentation covers the implementation details and guides needed to use the templates available at


Before you made a purchase, we thought it would be fair to tell you want you are going to get, and we try to be transparent in what we do.

Our templates are built with react-native cli. Therefore there will be some learning curve if you are used to expo way of development.

We have no plan to use expo in our templates as the roadmap is to offer more complicated features that are time consuming to build.

Also to make components for regularly used UI reusable.

Most of the UI compnents are styled without UI libraries, such as react-native-elements or native-base and others.

We are using what's closer to the react-native APIs as much as we can.

Therefore, there are no extra knowledge needed for our templates, as we are using View, Text, Image, StyleSheet as much as we can, without using extra UI libraries

to reduce the dependencies on the libraries and reduce the learning curve for beginner.

We've also included state management library in the templates using mobx.

Therefore the templates we offered are opinionated in the way we code and structure the app.

We will provide more informations on the technical implementation in this documentation and hopefully helping you to kick start your project with our templates.


For non-technical enquiries, please check out or contact us.